Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel

What is Copper Nickel?

Copper-nickel (also known as cupronickel) is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese. It is widely employed in the marine environment because of their highly effective resistance to seawater corrosion, low macrofouling rates, and fabricability. They have been serving for at least 60 years to not only address technological advancements but as well continue offering exceptional service.

What are the types of Copper Nickel?

The basic copper-nickel alloying system is simple, improving on copper’s strength and corrosion resistance while maintaining a high inherent resistance to biofouling. Alloys of binary copper-nickel are a convenient substance throughout their full range; they contain an α face-centered cubic lattice. Adding nickel to copper increases the strength of the alloy and increases its corrosion protection. Alloys containing more than 10% nickel, as well as those which contain more chromium, aluminum, and tin, are chosen for spaceflight applications due to their advanced engineering properties, extreme resistance to flow, frictional wear, galling, and corrosion.

How is Copper Nickel made?

A method for creating copper-nickel alloys that contain nickel oxide, in which nickel oxide is produced in a graphite-arc furnace and the melt containing about 0.5 weight percent carbon is produced from it. The molten is used to a temperature of about 1700° C, then preheated copper is reintroduced. The mineral can be firmly or air pressure pressed, preferably after the degassing the vacuum procedure.

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Mechanical Properties of Copper Nickel

Alloy EN No or Other Identification UNS No 0.2% Proof Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2 Elongation % Hardness HV
CW352H CW353H (tube only) CW354H
C70600 C71640 C71500
100-350 150 min 130-450
290-420 420 min 350-520
12-40 30min 12-35
80-160 110 90-190
Def Stan 02-824 Part 1 -
- C72200
300 min 110 min
480 min 310 min
18 min

Physical Properties of Copper Nickel

Units 90-10 70-30 66-30-2-2
Melting Range
Specific Heat
J/kg °K
Thermal Conductivity
Coeff. of Linear Expansion 10-300°C
Electrical Resistivity
microhm. cm
Modulus of Elasticity
Modulus of Rigidity

Industrial Application of Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel is highly versatile and has excellent resistance to heat and corrosion properties. As a result, it can be used across a wide range of industries, such as:

Benefits of Copper Nickel

Excellent resistance to heat

Copper-nickel alloys demonstrate remarkable thermal resistance, due to their ability to form a protective oxide layer when exposed to heat. This oxide layer acts as an insulator, helping to prevent further oxidation of the alloy’s surface and thus allowing it to maintain its structural integrity at elevated temperatures. The superior heat resistant properties of copper-nickel alloys can be attributed to their high melting point, which is typically around 1400°C.

Ideal resistance to corrosion and biofouling

Copper-nickel alloys possess ideal resistance to corrosion and biofouling, due to their highly impermeable oxide films which form on the surface. This oxide film, created by electrochemical processes, is composed of insoluble nickelate compounds which are resistant to the penetration of aggressive environments. Furthermore, this oxide film is practical in comparison to other metallic systems because it can be renewed without significant material loss when exposed to corrosive conditions.

Easy to Fabricate

Copper nickel is a relatively straightforward alloy to fabricate. Its malleability and readily available constituent metals make it an ideal candidate for forming into complex shapes, such as intricate pipes and valves. The uniformity of the alloy’s composition also renders it easier to work with than other alloys, due to its homogeneity.

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Copper-nickel (also known as cupronickel) is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese. It is widely employed in the marine environment because of their highly effective resistance to seawater corrosion, low macrofouling rates, and fabricability.

Their high strength density, heat resistance and machinability make them ideal for a wide variety of applications like hydraulic tubing, including brake tubing. Seawater cooling and firewater systems, heat exchangers, condensers and piping, platform riser and leg sheathing, boat hulls, oil coolers, hydraulic tubing.

Copper nickel is a 90% copper, 10% nickel alloy that also contains small but important additions of iron and manganese to enhance overall strength and corrosion resistance and it is available in grades C70600, CW352H, C71500, CW354H.

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